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Our Restoration Services Include:

  • Roofing Replacement
  • Siding Replacement
  • Gutter Installation or Replacement
  • Window Wraps
  • Soffit Repair
  • Fascia Repair
  • Window Installation

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how does it even work?
The Storm Damage Restoration Process

1. Preparation & Examination

Crews arrive early to remove gutters down to the fascia. A crew leader will inspect the roofline and establish the installation strategy.

2. Repair Decking Substructure

Repairing decking creates the foundation of a quality roof. The integrity of the decking must be optimal to ensure a long lasting roof life.

3. Water Run-Off Structures

Inspect, repair or replace all roof valleys, side flashing drip edges and ice & water membranes to flow away from the house and towards exit points.

4. Roof Vents & Pipe Boots

Examine, repair, or replace all roof vents and pipe boots. Proper ventilation and exterior insulation helps protect your roof from freeze and thaw cycles.

5. Shingle Installation

Crews install protective membranes and shingles of your choice to maximize protection from water and external elements.

6. Job Site Cleaning

Crew members will clean up the job site of all debris as well as use a magnetic roller to pick up any metallic items around the property.

7. Project Inspection

Site inspector will inspect the workmanship of the project to ensure proper installation and quality any issues will be addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't see any damage?​

Oftentimes, hail damage is difficult to spot without a professional eye. Hail hits and lifted shingles will reduce the performance of your roof and may cause leaks and other problems. Freeze/thaw cycle, broken seals, cracked shingles - all of these create the possibility for water damage.

Can small hail still cause damage?​

Believe it or not, yes. Even small hail can find all of the vulnerable places on your roof and exterior surfaces to cause damage. It's also possible that there was pre-existing damage that was exacerbated by a small hail storm, making your roof replaceable.

I just replaced my roof 2 years ago - do I still need to be concerned?​

Yes. Hail can damage new roofs and materials just as much as older roofs.

Will my insurance company contact me if I have damage?​

Not usually. It's best to have your home inspected by a professional.

How does the restoration process work?​

First, find a reputable company to inspect your property for possible storm damage. Then, contact your insurance company to set up an adjuster meeting. Once your claim is approved, you can choose a contractor to repair your home, one that you can trust and won't wait months to finish the job.

How much time do I have to get a new roof covered by my insurance?​

Most insurance companies want you to begin the claim process within one-two years of the incident. So even if the hail storm in your neighborhood was last summer, you still have time to check for damages and get your repairs covered. It is recommended that you check with your provider to confirm that time frame.

I'm leery of storm chasers - how can I know who to trust?

Look for a company with a local office, good branding, and public online reviews. Making sure they can quickly provide their insurance and license information.

When is it time to replace my roof?

We recommend replacing your roof soon after it gets past about 80% of the manufacturer's expected lifespan. The later you wait the more susceptible you are to possible damage.
There are a few things you can look out for that indicate it may be time for a roof replacement. Some of those warning signs include:
- Curled or cupped shingle edges
- Missing granules and bald spots
- Cracked or missing shingles
- Algae growth
- Mold in your attic

Is a new roof a good investment?

In short, yes. When understanding the value of a new roof, there are a few key questions to consider. Would replacing my roof improve structural integrity? Is the new roof going to have better insulation and energy efficiency? How much will the new roof increase my home's value? In most cases, a new roof will improve all of these.
The cost for several repairs and the damage quickly adds up when dealing with an old roof. Improving your home's structural integrity is a huge benefit, saving you time, money, and headaches. Depending on what product you choose to upgrade to can determine the level of insulation and energy efficiency you receive.

How much does a new roof cost?

Every roof is different, so every roof costs a different amount. When considering the price of your new roof, roofing contractors take a few factors into consideration: size, old roof removal, style, shape, materials, and other features like chimneys, skylights, and vents that they need to work around.

What are my first steps?​

Paris Roofing would be honored to help you with this process. We provide free property inspections, schedule online today to get the process started.